by  Runa Lindberg

Do you want the opportunity to capture unique places and hidden tribes in India?

Would you like to receive professional and personalized photography guidance?

Join me on an exclusive adventure, taking the roads less traveled on a unique expedition in India!

I provide group photography tours for adventurous travelers in India and as well a dedicated photo tuition service. Whichever you choose, I guarantee that you will love, laugh, learn, and see life in India from a completely new perspective. 

With your lens as your window, you can catch a glimpse of the extraordinary. You will see, hear, and experience special moments and learn new skills that will help you improve your photography and capture stunning the moments and movements of life in India.


Mathura & Varanasi - India

Photography Expedition
Crazy, colorful, and simply unforgettable. Experience the festival of colors in Uttar Pradesh.

March 2020 - 14 Days Photo Workshop - India
2450 Euro
Rajasthan - India

Photography Expedition
Discover the mystical Thar, its tribes, and millennia-old rituals!

Nov. 2020 - 10 Days Photo Workshop - India
2500 Euro
Karnataka & Gods own Country Kerala - India

Photography Expedition
Discover the places that inspired "Walt Disney" to create the legendary "Jungle Book."

Mai 2021 - 16 Days Photo Workshop
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Where there is passion, there is love;  and I have fallen for India.  


My name is Runa Lindberg, I am a German Travel- and Portrait-Photographer, based in Malta and the founder of  "Adventure In Focus -  adventurous Photoexpedition India ".

After 11 years of traveling, I have turned my passion into a profession and show photo enthusiasts "my" India, far away from the beaten track. 

Through my work, I wish to spread a message in which I truly believe – ‘even the sky is not the limit’, and there’s really nothing that one can’t see or capture if they have a passion for it.


I run a range of authentic India photography expeditions and workshops.


By offering group workshops and 1-2-1 photo tuition in India, I cater to the needs of photography enthusiasts around the world, who want to come to India for a photo trip of a lifetime. 

to move, to breathe, to fly, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live - follow me far away


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As an enthusiastic Travel- and Portrait-Photographer I love to capture the colorful life in India and Asia through the lens of my Nikon camera.

The most beautiful, impressive and whimsical moments of my many travels I have compiled in the following albums. 

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If you would like to know more about the photography expeditions in India or you are interested in an India photo retreat of your own, please contact me today. 


Adventure In Focus ltd.

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Hello or "Namaste" as we say in India!

My name is Runa,

I am a German Travel and Street Photographer, now living part-time in Malta and India.

After 11 years of traveling, I have turned my passion into a profession and show photo enthusiasts "my" India, far away from the beaten track. 




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