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Runa is an enthusiastic Travel Photographer, she loves to capture the colorful life around the world through the lens of her camera.

The most beautiful, impressive and whimsical moments of her travels are compiled in following portfolio - for you to enjoy!


Runa loves "slow traveling" and getting to know new countries and its people.


She has meditated with holy Indian men on the river Ganges, drove with an old, rusty jeep over the most dangerous pass in the world and drank butter tea with Tibetan monks in the seclusion of the mountains.


In 2010 she discovered her passion for photography and since then she has not only virtually documented her travel adventures, she also regularly exhibits the results, most recently at the Venice Biennale 2019. 


She is specialized in travel photography and is a real expert when it comes to the artistic, photographic implementation of very special lighting moods. 

Runa  provides guided photography tours & workshops for adventurous travelers as well a dedicated photo tuition service. Whichever you choose, she guarantees you that you will laugh, learn, and see life through your lens from a completely new perspective. 

Do you want the opportunity to capture unique places and extraordinary festivals together with her on a exclusive photography tour? Take a look at her upcoming tours on "" - But be quick, seats are always  limited to 6 participants only!

Runa writes regularly about her exciting travel adventures at the

"AdventureInFocus" photography-blog.

Runa Lindberg Travel Photographer


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