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I am a German based Travel Photographer and 

After 11 years of traveling, I have turned my passion into a profession!

Now I provide exclusive photography tours & workshops for adventurous travelers!

Let me tell you more about my background!

I am on a journey that makes me explore and capture the world as I see it.

Throughout my travels and experiences, I have learned that there is a completely new perspective, that is as individual as each person, and it can only be unearthed when one travels. 


From market conversations in India to scouting the streets of Africa, I no more feel that my ‘home’ is confined to the walls of my house! 

It’s been 11 years since I first embarked upon this journey of travelling the world, and I fell in love with Street Photography back in 2016.


I nurtured my passion, and in 2017, my pictures from Varanasi (India) won the heart of a photo community and made it to the Contemporary Art Fair in Essen (Germany). 

From this point, there has been no looking back; this has further spurred my participation in both national and international exhibitions since that point.



Through my work, I wish to spread a message in which I truly believe – ‘even the sky is not the limit’, and there’s really nothing that one can’t see or capture if they have a passion for it.


My pictures of ancient cultures and tribes, especially from India, are not only reflective of my spiritual and compassionate approach of creating Artwork. I also hope to preserve nature, cultures, and rituals for generations to come by showing their beauty and dignity to the world through my photography.


Today, I offer exclusive Photography tours in India that cater for groups and individuals.


My unique experiences, my passion, and my love of India emanates through everything I do. 


I welcome you to join me on a journey of a lifetime. 

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