Personalized Photo Expeditions and Tours 

Discover authentic India, capture extraordinary moments, and picture life through your lens with me, an experienced insider by your side.

What Can You Expect from My Travel Photography Workshop?

Just as every person is unique, so are the experiences you will encounter on your photography trip. I act as a local insider, a friend, a teacher, a guide, and an expert to help you and ensure your photo retreat in India is authentic, exciting, and memorable, from start to finish. 

  • Expert Mentorship

  • Friendly and Personable Photography Tuition

  • Authentic Hospitality 

  • Street Photography Expertise

  • Live Demonstrations

  • Specially Negotiated Photo Opportunities 

My Philosophy 

The preservation of the unique Indian culture and nature is very close to my heart.

For this reason, we will only ever stay in private or historical accommodation. This means that you - as a guest - will have the opportunity to get to know the typical hospitality of the locals. This is how I assure my companions of an authentic photo trip in India, and how I provide an extraordinarily unique opportunity on an Indian photography trip of a lifetime. 


  • We will learn about the different ways of life in India 

  • Listen to mysterious stories

  • Participate in epic ceremonies and rituals 

  • Benefit from the inside-knowledge of our hosts

  • Capture what we have experienced with our cameras and our hearts forever

As a dedicated travel specialist for India, I plan everything in harmony with the Indian travel providers (whom I know personally) and outline each of the itineraries to the finite detail.

Your Options:

Group Photography Workshops

As a guest, you have the opportunity to participate in any of the group tours you find below.


Each of these expeditions is designed as a unique photographic expedition.


Here, we go together on a photo workshop adventure to the exact locations where I created my award-winning pictures. Together, we will experience a truly authentic India, that is completely off the beaten (tourist) tracks.

Dedicated Photo Tuition India


If you prefer to travel solo, I also cater to individual photography experiences in India, providing a completely personalized experience and tailored photography tuition. 


I arrange individual journeys according to the wishes of my guests. Depending on the desired budget, timings, and setting, I will tailor-make a trip to surpass your expectations and truly open your eyes to my India. 


Almost every travel wish is feasible, from visiting the last head-hunters in north-eastern India or participating in one of the many colorful and crazy festivals in the south; such as the Water Buffalo Race in Karnataka, or the Banana Battle on the occasion of the Maha Shivratri Festival.


 I make it my mission to make everything possible for my guests.

If you would like a quick discussion about your next India photography trip, or you want to make a booking so I can start planning your photography tour, please get in touch with me today. 



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Runa Lindberg

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Hello or "Namaste" as we say in India!

My name is Runa,

I am a German Travel and Street Photographer, now living part-time in Malta and India.

After 11 years of traveling, I have turned my passion into a profession and show photo enthusiasts "my" India, far away from the beaten track. 

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