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Get in contact with Runa Lindberg to book a photoexpedition in India

If you are still unsure about which photo expedition is right for you;

I can help. 

Just make an appointment with me, and we will talk on the phone about your desired photo travel experience. Together, we will find the perfect adventure for you to take. 

As a travel photographer, I have taken many adventures. The world is my office, sometimes it lies in the desert of Africa, at the holy river Ganges, or on a green meadow in the middle of a lonely valley. 

My sole purpose is to be able to advise every customer optimally on the perfect choice of his or her photo expedition. For this reason, I do not offer fixed office hours, but individual telephone appointments at a time that is convenient for you.  Do not hesitate to send me an E-Mail with your contact details. I will answer you very quick. 


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