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A collection of iconic portraits from my travels in India. Filled with character and culture; each tells its own story and captures the vibrant colors, artwork, and individualism that you would expect in such a sacred and distinct existence. 

Taking portrait photography in India is something truly special. Getting access to the locals, and the liberal and an open attitude for the right people to take their pictures is truly warming. You can capture so much in a portrait, and in all my life and across all my travels, I have never been presented with so many exceptional subjects in a single place.


India is home to some amazing faces, each of which with unique tales and exceptional features. 

If you want to have the opportunity to learn about Indian portrait photography while having the opportunity to capture some iconic imagery for yourself, take a guided photography tour through any location in India of your choosing with me.


As a professional travel photographer, I can help you find the best locations and photo opportunities to really help you improve your portrait and street photography skills. 


I offer tailored photo expeditions on either a 1-2-1 or group basis.

Get in touch with me today for more information about how I can help you on your photo adventures in India!

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