Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India.

This is a street photography album that captures the very essence of Jodhpur in all of its glory.

As I show in my pictures, the life, the people, and the streets are alive with character and deep-rooted culture that exists nowhere else on this planet. 

The color blue is synonymous with courage, bravery, and power. Jodhpur is a city located in the Thar Desert in the Northwest state of Rajasthan.

The Mehrangarh Fort was at one time a Palace but now serves as a museum that is home to ancient paintings, weapons, and elaborate royal furniture.

The fort overlooks the walled city, with buildings that are coated from head to toe in the iconic blue that you see here in this album.

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Hello or "Namaste" as we say in India!

My name is Runa,

I am a German Travel and Street Photographer, now living part-time in Malta and India.

After 11 years of traveling, I have turned my passion into a profession and show photo enthusiasts "my" India, far away from the beaten track. 

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