About my Art-Work 


Dear Visitor, I am glad that you are interested in my photographic work.


Here on this page you can find all my currently published artworks.


In some of the galleries you will find, in addition to the photographs, a short story about the place and the background of the creation of the pictures.





Purchase a Print


If you fall in love with one of my pictures you can get

it as a „limited-edition-print“. Contact me  to order your print.

Some series are only printed in a small edition and are quickly sold out.

But don't worry,  my travels will be continued continuously, and so - new artwork will be added. 


Now I wish you a lot of fun to accompany me online through my past photographic journeys around the mysterious, colorful and crazy places of India and Southeast Asia. 


Yours,  Runa 

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Hello or "Namaste" as we say in India!

My name is Runa,

I am a German Travel and Street Photographer, now living part-time in Malta and India.

After 11 years of traveling, I have turned my passion into a profession and show photo enthusiasts "my" India, far away from the beaten track. 

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