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Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Pushkar, home of the world-famous Camel Fair.

Every year in winter, the Pushkar Mela (a camel and horse festival) takes place in the small town of Pushkar in Rajasthan.

Several thousand camels and their drivers camp outside the city in the golden desert sand at this time.

Pushkar Mela, Rajasthan - India

To reach pushkar Mela, the nomads and their herds often have to travel through the desert for many days. On the way to Pushkar I could meet some of them as you can see in the short video.

But Pushkar has much more to offer than the Camel Fair. "Pushkar lake" is the centre of the small town. It is believed that a dip in the lake washes away all sins.

For this reason, ceremonies are held there every evening, especially during the Mela

For anyone who is interested in travel photography trips in India, "Pushkar Mela" creates a fantastic opportunity. Not only do the camels create a beautiful photo opportunity, but the games in the sandy arena of the city are also something truly special.

Here, men compete for who owns the most beautiful beard, the fastest horse or the most beautifully decorated camel.

Horseman gather at the Arena

Procession in honor of the gods

The children and the younger generation in the city also make the Mela to something very special, dressed up as Hindu-Gods, each colored with exceptionally creative makeup. Here they perform little dances or make jokes with the tourists – something that makes me smile again and again!

Young boy dressed up as Hindu-God "Krishna"

The "little donation for the gods" they ask the tourists for is then often not at all so small. These kids cleverly contain their surprise and happiness about a very proper donation and might add a little extra RS on top of it.

Kalbelia or Kabeliya is a dance from Rajasthan which is performed by the tribe of the same name. The dance is an integral part of their culture and is performed by men and women.

During this photography workshop, which was actually the first Mela for me, I was very glad to be a part of "Tejas Soni" Photography Workshop.

He immediately knew the best places to take some extraordinary pictures.

This decorated Camel has just changed hands.

We started the workshop a few days before the Mela officially begun - which gave us the opportunity to observe the camel traders during their traditional camel "spruce ups," and this also gave us the opportunity to take quite a lot of unique photographs.

Runa Lindberg at the Camel Ground. Picture by Tejas Soni

F Scott Fitzgerald once said, “It’s a funny thing about coming home. Looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. You realize what has changed is you.” I had similar feelings after coming back home from India. Rajasthan specifically has to be the place that rules my heart the most simply because of the richness of culture.

The next Pushkar Mela will happen in winter 2019. Are you coming?

Do you want to see more pictures from Pushkar?

Have a look at my portfolio today!

If you want to experience for yourself the beauty of Rajasthan and the deserts of Thar contact me:

I offer guided photo trips in India and cater for group photography workshops as well as proving personalized photo tuition. Far from any commercial photo trip, you get to experience authentic India with me, and the pictures you have the opportunity to take are immense, unique, and simply stunning.

Yours in Sincerity, Runa! .

A man from the Kalbelja tribe plays a traditional song.

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