Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Have you always been curious to know what means the most to us humans? Then you might want to know what 34K Photographers think about this.

What means the most to you?

Have you always been curious to know what means the most to us humans? Then you might be interested to learn what 34K Photographers think about this too.

I often find myself wondering what matters the most to the human race. Is it really all about the money and getting famous or is there something more out there than just materialism?

I can’t remember how often I found myself in the middle of a conversation about what is it that keeps our hearts beating - but I can remember there was never an answer at the end. Pondering over such questions has at least brought me closer to the possible answers.

Art is always a good medium to find the hidden truth.

Being creative helps people to truly open up, which is a good base to get answers. Therefore, I decided to run a photo challenge on ‘GuruShots’ where everyone could show through photography, what means the most to them in life.

First, I was very surprised to see a massive amount of cat pictures. I now understand why I constantly come across so many funny cat videos on social media. It seems like cats are the ultimate tool to make us happy!

Through my series of animal photography, I try to capture certain emotion, and these pictures with people’s pets spoke of similar bonds.

But apart from all these fluffy, puffy kitty cats, were really a lot of pictures that showed emotions like compassion, love, and friendship. Many submissions were pictures of couples, families, and people with their pets; cuddling or holding each other, smiling at each other and so on.

I was glad to realize that out of 34k participating members who submitted their pictures; there were very few photographs of ‘things’! What was perhaps even more surprising to me, was to see nearly no pictures of religious ceremonies or symbols.

I learned over the course of time that it is not exactly religion that leads, it’s spirituality. It is also true friendship and love that gives us consolation when we are sad. It is the motivation for us to keep going, and the driving force behind lots of the things that we say and do.

As the host of this challenge, I had to pick a winner, and that wasn't an easy job at all!

I shortlisted around 100 pictures as my favorites. What was most important to me was the storytelling aspect of the pictures. It was also important for me, through the image as a medium, to feel the emotions captured by the camera.

The winning picture for me wasn’t a cat or a car. It was a picture that showed love, happiness, and closeness in its purest form. This picture really touched my heart.

A very big congratulations to the winner!

Follow the link to see the challenge and the winning pictures.

Yours in sincerity,


(Guru on Gurushots, the worlds most famous Photography-Game)